Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

The microwave is talking to you

The Nintendo Wii has an "Everybody Votes" channel, where it asks you frivolous questions with 2 possible responses, and later you get to see how other people across the country or around the world responded.

One question was something like, "Do you feel happy when you look at a clock and see that it is 12:34?"

A lot of people did, but no, I don't. I also didn't find it all that impressive when it was 11 Nov 2011, or 11/11/11. I did buy a Slayer track on iTunes on 6/6/2006, but that was just to be funny. I mean, the Gregorian calendar? A 24-hour clock with 60 minute divisions? It's all so arbitrary anyway.

But I'm not immune! As it turns out, I do smile when I see a digital clock at 11:34. Because enter 1134 on your calculator, turn it upside down, and it spells hEll. Which, when you're a kid, feels pretty clever. And vaguely naughty.

In 8th grade I got a scientific calculator. This was not a $200 programmable graphing calculator like the kids today have, but it was, I believe, $70. And it had a decimal-to-hexadecimal function. And that's why I am able to remember the following number:


When you covert that to hexadecical, you get DEADA55.

Absolutely the height of calculator-based humor for a 13-year-old .

Also, I enjoy when it's 10:15 on a Saturday night.
Tags: calculators, middle school, nintendo, slayer, the cure, wii

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