Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Protland, Oregano

From Nov. 22 to Nov 27 I was in Protland, Oregano. Jon and Megan got married on Saturday, Nov. 24.

Mrrranda and I stayed at the new Gracie's, located in what used to be a Baptist church on NE 6th and Prescott. My old friend Nim Wunnan lives there now. He let us sleep on one of his futon mattresses, which was much better than the concrete floor. However, it took Nim a couple days to figure out that the heat wasn't actually on.

We saw many other friends too, like 6rady, and Lenara, and Steev, and Ed, and Mykle.

While we were there we went to The Bins twice, a gigantic Goodwill store that is called The Bins because they dump everything, pretty much unsorted, into gray plastic bins for people to scour through for the perfect thing they never knew they needed.

We also went to Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a coffee house where they roast their own beans on premises. Coffee geeks.

Speaking of geeks, I did not get to visit Free Geek, but I've heard they are pretty cool. I think Ann Arbor needs one.

I also visited Reading Frenzy, the Independent Publishers Resource Center (IPRC), and Powell's. Ann Arbor could use a Reading Frenzy and an IPRC, too. I think we have enough new & used bookstores for time being, though...even if Powell's is cool.

We also visited the 24 Hour Church of Elvis. The lady that runs it is an aggressive loony, and although she had rigged up some cool stuff, I was glad to leave.

Most of the people we know in Protland do not have traditional 9-5 jobs, and most of them seem perfectly happy with that.

I could not have a traditional job. I bet I could handle it.

Every day, everything is telling me to buy a school bus and live in it and drive around the country doing nothing. It could be done. For a while at least.

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