Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

A Problem Making Rice

There is a problem I frequently encounter when making rice. Here are the steps I follow:
  1. Measure out 2-1/4 cups water into a pan
  2. Boil water in pan
  3. Add one cup rice
  4. Return to boil
  5. Cover; cook over low heat for ~40 minutes
The problem occurs at the 3rd step. You see, I have already used the 1-cup measuring cup to measure the water, and now it is wet inside. If I use it to measure the rice, a bunch of rice is going to stick to the measuring cup and then I can't put it back in the drawer without tending to it first.

Some solutions I've used in the past to solve this problem:
  • Use the half-cup measuring cup to measure one cup of rice. (This works pretty well, although if you're not quick about it, condensation from the boiling water can make rice stick to that measuring cup for the second scoop.)
  • Dry the inside of the 1-cup measuring cup with a dishtowel before measuring the rice. This works, but requires effort.
One obvious solution is to use a another container, such as a bowl, and measure the cup of rice before measuring the water. It uses an additional container, but at the end everything is still clean! However, this requires forethought.

A somewhat obsessive solution would be to store the rice in 1-cup portions (as well_lahdidah would say, aliquots). As tidy as this solution seems, I feel it is best left to the Martha Stewarts and OCD homemakers of the world.

Eureka! I think I have it: perhaps the easiest solution would be to rinse the measuring cup after adding the rice, washing the few stuck grains down the sink. Wait, that's the tending to it first issue that I was complaining about.

Also, I could buy a second 1-cup measuring cup.
Tags: rice

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