Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Goodbye, Miss K

Miss K was living with cancer for quite some time, but over the course of this weekend it really took a turn for the worse. The tumor growth was rampant, she was leaking fluid faster than she would drink it, and the wound on her tummy wasn't healing. She was making only half-hearted attempts to eat and could barely hop up to her favorite spot on the couch. We pretty much knew what was coming, so we spent nearly all weekend at home, showering the leaky, lumpy kitten with as many treats and as much affection as she could take.

Miss K looks skyward

Yesterday afternoon we took her to the vet, who confirmed that some of her tissue was necrotic and that there really wasn't much else we could hope to do. It was a difficult decision, but we said goodbye to our constant companion, our muse of many silly kitten songs.

The apartment seems empty, in spite of the clutter, and is under constant threat from the now-unchecked string menace. She will be missed.
Tags: cats

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