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Creating Granfalloons

A granfalloon is essentially a community that has no basis for community. An excellent example of which I am a member is the UM Alumni Association. I have nothing in common with these people, and I essentially pay dues so that they can spam me about football tickets. I have also concluded that burners are a granfalloon.

Granfalloons are ridiculous, but in large part seem to be pretty successful. Therefore, why not have fun with it?

Granfalloons that I have already created include the League of Chris (composed of tech guys named Chris) and 19 Club (composed of people who were born on the 19th of any month). The official membership of these granfalloons is only 3 apiece, but think of the hordes of people who are already unofficial members—19 Club should have nearly 200,000,000 unofficial members worldwide. Kind of like well_lahdidah is a member of The Nicola Network.

Membership should have its privileges, of course, which should at least include some kind of warm & fuzzy feeling. And probably spam. The key, of course, is to make the spam provide enough warm & fuzzies to convince people to pay dues. (Another way of paying dues is to offer "premium" memberships at various levels, and then reward premium memberships by sending them a worthless tchotchke and printing their names larger in the membership rolls.)

The goal of dues, in my mind, is to build lodges, like the various fraternal orders had done. The fraternal orders are a dying breed of granfalloons, presumably because they don't send enough warm & fuzzy spam to their members. Of course, monuments are always good too, as are bizarre grants and scholarships.

3 Questions:
  1. What granfalloons are you already a member of?
  2. What granfalloon would you like to invent?
  3. What is the goal and purpose of your invented granfalloon?

Update: League of Chris welcomes its 4th member, actionchrist.
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