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Web standards become an excuse to swill beer

On Thursday night I went to a meeting of the Philadelphia Standards Organization at the Dark Horse Pub. Although the group claims interest in other standards, it was mostly about a few of the W3C's standards: HTML, XHTML, and CSS.

Well, it was mostly about drinking beer. We did a fair amount of complaining about the terrible, non-standards-based designs that other people create, the lack of concern about standards in general, and cross-platform compatibility. We also did a fair amount of patting ourselves on the back for doing what we can to implement standards when possible. But the group really seems to be in a forming stage, and still trying to figure out what their focus should be. I think I blew one guy's mind when I took a scrap of paper from my pocket upon which I had written specific questions regarding the group's scope and goals.

I didn't mind just talking to them, though. I talked with a couple guys about homebrewing and CSAs, so we had more than just web technologies as shared interests. They're a bit older than I am, and they live out in the 'burbs a bit, but they were pretty interesting people. I stayed until just after 10 P.M., and well_lahdidah was a little annoyed with me for getting home late.

Although I have a lack of tolerance for meetings without agendas or minute-takers—which is a whole tirade of itself—I will probably continue to check out the group if their future meetings don't conflict with my accounting(!) class this semester. In the meantime, I was inspired to update a few of my web pages so that they validate as HTML 4.01 Strict and CSS2, including my inexplicably popular page that displays the NATO phonetic alphabet.

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