Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Sherlock Holmes

Are you still in search of a xmas present for an avid reader?

Stanford University is offering a subscription, in 12 weekly installments, of Sherlock Holmes stories, as they originally appeared in The Strand Magazine:

I recently started reading a 2-volume set of the Sherlock Holmes novels and stories, and I find them pretty amusing. Sure, there's plenty of Dr. Watson sitting around the drawing room, watching Holmes smoke a clay pipe and brood, but there are also Mormons, Klansmen, savages, opium dens, and all sorts of other oddities that were, apparently, perfectly normal things to appear in late 19th century London intrigues.

For just $20 you can send a friend this glimpse into the seedy lives of criminals and kings in London, complete with the original illustrations. Or, if you're cheap, you could just send them the link so that they can download the PDFs for free.
Tags: books, sherlock holmes

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