Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Sammy Hagar never liked the idea, either

When I hear that crude oil prices have reached records highs, at first I laugh: I don't have a car! But then I realize that the price of just about everything is going to go up. Nothing is local, and everything has to get shipped in from somewhere.

It's not a national oil crisis (although it may be a sign of an impending international energy crisis), because industry is still chugging along. It's more of a personal oil crisis, because people have to spend more of what used to be their disposable income on fuel, or costs associated with fuel, like higher prices on consumer goods.

When there was a national oil crisis in 1973, we lowered the maximum speed limit to 55 mph: "It was estimated that vehicles traveling 55 mph used 17% less fuel than at 75 mph (120 km/h)" (Federal Speed Limit Controls). Or, from a more current source, check out I'm sure now that drivers understand that controlling their speed will result in increased fuel economy, driving habits will change dramatically. Right?


That was a good joke. Think about that joke every time you see a news article about high fuel costs where people moan-and-groan and ask, rhetorically, "But what can I do about it?" You'll laugh too, until you see that it isn't funny.
Tags: cars, gas prices

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