Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

You work the arms, I'll work the jaws

Last night I dreamt that giant mechanical monsters attacked. There was a giant fish, a tyrannosaurus, and some behemoth of absurd proportion and visage. With help I managed to defeat the mechanical tyrannosaurus and found, inside the head, a 2-seat cockpit. In a junkyard I found the redneck mullet guy from Lost, bloodied and wielding a knife, and with his help I took control of the mechanical tyrannosaur and used it to attack the mechanical fish.

This dream perhaps inspired me to create the MySpace profile I've been threatening to now for months:
Meet Tryannosaurs Rex, an Online Predator

Perhaps I had the dream because of the high winds that were rattling the windows all night. This morning, the signs that had been hanging above buildings were on the sidewalk, there was even more trash blowing around than usual, and I even found part of a building that had fallen off. Nothing too big, just a decorative concrete curlicue, but nothing I'd want falling on me.
Tags: dreams

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