Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Photo processing

I do not have a digital camera. However, I have an old Minolta SLR camera that has a much better lens than most digital cameras. I thought to myself, I'll just take photos and and get digital output from my negatives. That would be nice, because I won't get prints for all the crummy shots, but I can get prints directly from the negatives for any good shots. I can use the digital images as a contact sheet. It will be like having a digital camera, minus the immediacy of course, but with the added bonus of not investing in a digital camera and using my well-loved SLR.

I went to Ritz Camera and asked if I could get digital output from 35mm film. "Sure," they said, "There's a $4.00 fee for processing the film, and then $15 for a high-res photo CD."

$19. That doesn't sound very good. Plus, I don't want a CD-ROM. I just want to download the image files.

Online I found that Clark Color Labs, who I used a lot in the early 90s, will develop your film, send you a set of prints, and put your photos online for $4.28. That's more like it, but still—I don't want the prints. Snapfish will do the same thing as Clark, but for $4.98 a roll.

Why can't I pass on the prints? Oh, well. At $4.28 a roll, I can afford to take a lot of pictures.

[EDIT: It looks like Shutterfly will do it for $4.00 a roll, although only low-res images are available unless you order a CD.]

[EDIT 12-Dec-05:
The digital preview images are not quite as large as I'd like, but nevertheless suitable for my purposes. Here are a couple samples:


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