Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Stealing the Fetus

Plasticized Fetus Stolen from Gunther von Hagens' Body World Exhibit

This reminds me of a story.

Apparently, some down-on-their-luck friends of my grandparents decided to park their trailer on my grandparents' property in Ohio and live there for a while. The man-of-the-trailer was apparently a medical supplies salesman. After a short time, the family disappeared, but the trailer stayed. My dad, in junior high or high school at the time, nosed into the trailer and found, among other medical supplies, a fetus-in-a-jar!

Well, how cool, he thought. I must take this to my biology teacher at school. He'll be really impressed!

Funny, though, how the police get involved when a teenager takes a fetus to school, properly preserved or not....
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