Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Midnight Bike Ride through the Motor City

Last night, chassy and Nim Wunnan and I went on a bike tour of Detroit organized by the University of Detroit Mercy: "The tour is part of UDM's orientation program for new students, familiarizing them with Detroit's many features."

It started a little after 10pm and we finished up at about 2:45am. It was pouring down rain for much of the ride, so they cut a few miles off the planned 35-mile trip by skipping Belle Isle. Chassy and Nim and I were disappointed a little by that--we've never been to Belle Isle, and once you're soaked to the bone it really doesn't matter that it's raining.

  • All the incredible homes in the Palmer Park area.
  • The State Fair grounds and some people constructing the Theater of the Bizarre.
  • We crossed Van Dyke Ave, about a 1/2 mile south of my old apartment.
  • Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
  • City of Detroit Airport, where we stopped for snacks. East Side!
  • We rode down Gratiot and saw the Better Made Potato Chips factory, the Faygo factory, and Tommy Z's (Zeidman's)--now billing himself as the World's Largest Pawn Broker.
  • Ford Field.
  • The Renaissance Center.
  • Lafayette Coney (where we stopped for another snack).
  • The big hole in the ground at Grand River and Griswold where Ascension UK used to be.
  • State Theater, Fox Theater, and Comerica Park.
  • The Majestic Theater complex.
  • The DIA--Yoko Ono's freight train was sitting out front.
  • We were a couple blocks from the Fisher Building; I was hoping we would cut down West Grand Boulevard so as to pass Hitsville USA, but no such luck.

Even though it rained, it was a lot of fun. Biking around Detroit gives me a much better idea of the geography than driving ever did.
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