Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Javascript Hangman

I made another Javascript game; this time it's hangman. (Sure, there are about a million Javascript hangman games on the Internet, but this is the only one that I made.)

Javascript Hangman

After you win a few rounds, it lets you suggest a new puzzle (subject to approval). I just checked and was surprised to find that there were over 50 new suggested puzzles. I clearly need to build some additional functionality into my approval page, as many of the suggestions are spelled incorrectly or are missing punctuation.

well_lahdidah suggested that the application should offer words or phrases of appropriate difficulty to players, kind of like the computerized SATs or the new Free Rice vocabulary quiz. I haven't implemented anything like that, but the application does track how many times each phrase is played and how many times it is completed successfully – down the road I could use the data to tailor puzzles to players.

It's been reasonably well tested, but there could very well be a few bugs – let me know if you run into any unexpected behavior.
Tags: games, hangman, javascript
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