Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

Going to Scotland

well_lahdidah and I are going to Glasgow, Scotland, for a week in May to visit Nim Wunnan. (Nim's there attending the Glasgow School of Art.) flastron's joining us, too, although he's planning to stay on-the-cheap at Glasgow's party hostel, Bluesky Hostel, whereas well_lahdidah and I will seek out slightly more upscale accommodations.

Although Scotland was never really high on my list of vacation destinations—probably somewhere after Montana but before Siberia—having a good friend that lives there makes a big difference. Now, I know—quite a few of you live in places that are higher on my list than Scotland, and I haven't visited you yet (San Francisco, I'm looking at you), but there's something about a trip that requires a passport and a currency exchange that seems a tiny bit more exotic. And, as it turns out, Scotland apparently has lots to recommend it, even if you don't golf.

Yesterday I made a hotel reservation. I felt like an idiot, because I had to have the guy repeat half his questions because I couldn't quite understand him. I think I actually did a better job when I was calling hotels in Spain a few years ago. This is definitely going to be entertaining.

well_lahdidah is developing an itinerary for every second of every day, which I am more-or-less prepared to accept, so long as it includes sampling haggis at the Babbity Bowster (I've been singing " the Babbity Bowster" to the tune of "Alternative Ulster") and drinking pints with Nim and causing trouble.

And by trouble, I mean asking at every store if they have a clan McFlastron tartan.
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