Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt

A Little Touch of Michigan

There's a little touch of Michigan here in Philadelphia. As I was walking to the subway this morning I looked down and noticed the lettering on a manhole cover: East Jordan Iron Works.

I rode my bike through East Jordan, Mich., a couple years ago on the DALMAC, and ever since noticed East Jordan Iron Works on a lot of the manhole covers around Ann Arbor. I had no idea, though, that they are apparently nationally known in the manhole cover business.

Yesterday a fellow who claimed to be from Bryn Mawr hit me up for $2, saying he was in town for a doctor's appointment and someone booted his car. He had a parking ticket in his hand. He asked us if we were from around here, and we said no. I didn't think so, he said. People around here are mean, you notice that? City of Brotherly Love, more like City of Brotherly Shove! Even other black people won't talk to me. I don't know if his story was true or not, but his was good-humored and something in his words rang true. I gave him $2—as well_lahdidah pointed out, the penalty for being wrong is, well, $2.
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