Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote,
Christopher tm Herdt


At first this post was going to be skeptical me saying, "Ha! I told you so, all you gullible snake-oil guzzlers. Echinacea is nothing but a placebo."

But instead it is about why the people who write newspaper headlines think they are witty and should be shot:
  • "Echinacea out cold" (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • "New study sneezes at benefits of echinacea" (Chicago Tribune)
  • "Study leaves echinacea out in the cold as a cure" (San Jose Mercury News)
  • "Research sneezes at herbal cold medicine" (Houston Chronicle)
  • "Study Gives Echinacea the Cold Shoulder" (
  • "Study: Echinacea Leaves Cold-Sufferers Sniffling" (Los Angeles Times)

And most embarrassing of all:
  • "Echinacea: It works; oops, it works not" (USA Today)

Clever people, I don't see how puns and clichés make for riveting headlines. Now I realize why my uncle negotiated to write his own headlines—he was justifiably sick of some moron tacking such drivel above his otherwise fine articles.
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